adam isom dot is (@adamisfigurin)

You can already tell something about me from the pages on this website, from my Substack, and certainly (oh no! haha) from my Twitter. If you’re interested, you’re going to look at those.

If you believe in personality tests: I'm first-born of many siblings; I’m a Cancer (June birthday); I seem to unironically have a good OCEAN personality, preposterous though it is to say so (low neuroticism—not sure I believe that, I’d say medium—and high on the other four—I’m also not sure I believe high on extraversion, I’d say medium and I definitely used to be very introverted); on the male typology test, I have leading ‘alpha’ but only by a little bit, with ‘beta’ and ‘sigma’ being close second and third; and for MBTI, in the past I’ve been INTJ, but who knows what I’d be now. And if politics and religion are personality, I'd say I'm rightwing but not quite conservative; religion-curious but not a believer. And, who would I most want to be, if not myself?--either Kevin Kelly or Simon Sarris. And, how do I most like to waste money: at top-notch cafes. Favorite color: blue, no yel-.

Physically, I’m fairly good-looking, fairly fit, not exceptional, 5’10.5". I’m more exceptional in intelligence (low to mid 99th percentile) than looks… However, I am not trying to describe myself as "exceptional", because I don’t think you need to be, in order to be an amazing partner. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, but open to moving for the right adventure.

I’m looking for someone committed to cultivating a meaningful, beautiful life. Someone who yearns for multiple children and a joyful home. Someone committed to being good at being human, which means that no fundamental of human thriving is sacrificed—sleep, diet, physical activity, social connection, creative hobbies, searching for the numinous, and whatever else you'd add to the list.

Someone unafraid to trust. Someone who always assumes positive intent from their partner and those closest to them. Also—someone intentional enough in their social life to find friends worthy of trust, and move away from the untrustworthy.

Someone who, if a guy said it’s important for his partner to stay hot and to have sex often, would think “of course, obviously” (and of course such an expectation would be reciprocal).

Someone uncorrupted by harmful meme-plexes—such a person is likely not very-online, and is unlikely to read this, but what can you do?—so, on the other hand, if you’re very-online in "tpot", that has some redeeming qualities so please reach out.

Unfortunately for me, I became (I think) a high-value life partner a little late in life. It's not that it took me awhile to be "ready to settle down": my life just kind of sucked in my 20s. Anyway, I'll be 33 June 29th, and I’m looking for a younger partner, to have multiple kids with.

I’m not at all rich, though I have had decent income the last few years and could support a family on my own if needed. (Ideally in a lower cost-of-living area in that case, so as to build wealth instead of tread water.) I’m not necessarily looking for a stay-at-home wife but I am open to it. I am looking for someone who prioritizes family, which to me means probably no daycare, and an openness to exploring homeschooling. Let me be clear though: I’m looking for a competent woman with a strong personality and irrepressible energy, for whom child-rearing would be just one aspect of a wonderful adventure.

Know who I should meet? Email me at (name is adamisom).

(P.S. I’ll spare one sentence for who I’m not looking for—if you think you hate me based on what I’ve written above, if your instinct is to put me in my place, then obviously we don’t need to connect, and I don’t need to know your opinion, and you should ask yourself why you’re wasting energy on negativity.) (P.P.S. I made myself write this quickly and put it up before I could give in yet again to procrastination. So it is likely I’ll substantially edit this page later.)