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Is adam "fit", or is adam "getting fit"? ...Yes.

In May, I went from 21% to 16% body fat (says bodpod) ğŸŽ‰

It's nice being able to comfortably fit into old jeans. I "tried" many times in the past to lose weight, and am happy to talk about why I think I succeeded now, but spoiler I think it's basically just because I'm happier nowadays, and feel competent, and have disposable income. Anyway--I still have a bit of the belly fat I meant to lose, so I intend to see what 14.0% looks like. The difference in looks is a massive self-esteem boost already though tbh (now if only I could find a woman to agree... I'm /single!).

I also started exercising approximately daily--a mix of running, skating, group workouts, lifting with my roommate, or sometimes just longish walks.