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My mom used to go on and on about how "we're descended from the Bachs!" 🙄 Anyway I used to write short little songs. They were pretty mediocre ngl--but I want to get back into it! And I don't want to have be the only lug lugging his keyboard around because he couldn't be bothered to put in effort actually learning an instrument... So I'm learning ukulele.

And also fiddle, which is much harder, and which (by the way) is actually the same instrument as the violin. The reason for the latter one is because I really want to play this particular jig... and also other tunes, and to play with others eventually... maybe at a folk dance!

I'm also--very slowly--starting to (a) practice my singing, and (b) compose short songs again. P.S. I, IV, V are absolutely your friends (with vi's help, of course!)